About Central Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

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About Central Saanich for Central Saanich, British Columbia and Area

When you want to know Central Saanich, British Columbia

Overview of Central Saanich, British Columbia, Canada

Central Saanich, British Columbia has a population of 16 018 and is continuing to grow. Saanich began as a farming town, housing many hobby farms and incorporated farms. Central Saanich has kept to their roots by keeping their city a mostly rural environment. Not only is Central Saanich beautiful in landscape it allows for easy access to the Victoria International Airport and the Swartz Ferries. One of the most inviting components of Central Saanich is it's low crime rate and high quality of life!

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  • Population: 16 018 (2001)
  • Population Density: 387.0/km²
  • Latitude: 48°35?39?N,
  • Longitude: 123°24?51?W
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Time Zone: Pacific
  • Language: English
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History of Central Saanich, British Columbia

Central Saanich is a fairly new town; it was officially declared a municipality in 1950. Just one year after Central Saanich was called a municipality the Fire Department and the Police headquarters were both up and running. The police department consisted of one Chief Constable, one set of handcuffs, and a 38 caliber revolver. Central Saanich has come quite a way's since the beginning of this town's process. The history lives throughout the town in physical and spiritual form!

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Central Saanich's Demographics

The demographics continue to change from year to year in Central Saanich as more and more cultural decedents grow and move into the community. Central Saanich is a very diverse and versatile atmosphere interested in broadening there multiculturalism and cultures. As the population stood in 2001 at 15 348, 195 were Aboriginal peoples.

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Central Saanich's Climate

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Education in Central Saanich, British Columbia

Most students are shipped outside of Central Saanich to explore and grow in their learning environments. There are four educational facilities surrounding Central Saanich, including high schools and middle schools.

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Transportation around Central Saanich, British Columbia

Residents and visitors can depend on neighbouring cities for transportation. Cities such as East Saanich, North Saanich, and Saanich all contribute to the needs of visitors, taxis and buses will travel into Central Saanich to assist the travellers in reaching their destinations.

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Tourism and Attractions of Central Saanich

Central Saanich is a very outdoors oriented community and in turn their attractions reflect this. Visitors can check out the world famous Butchart gardens, butterfly gardens, and Heritage acres. For more relaxing and leisurely activities, you can rest in Centennial Park, John Dean Provincial Park, Island View Beach Regional Park, or Lochside Regional Park.

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Surrounding Communities

  • Central Saanich
  • Saanichton
  • Brentwood Bay
  • East Saanich

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Geography of Central Saanich, British Columbia

Central Saanich is located in the Saanich Peninsula. The Saanich Peninsula has many First Nation reserves, most of which are located along the shore of the Saanich Inlet. The Saanich Peninsula is home to the oldest agricultural exhibition in the Western region of Canada. They have chosen to hold the exhibition in this area because of the original logging, farming and agriculture which took place in the Saanich Peninsula. The area consists of many rolling hills and a wide variety of fresh water ponds as well as lakes.

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Central Saanich's Government

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Central Saanich's Economy and Industry

The area of Central Saanich is a tourism, agriculture, technology, retail, and light industrial run town. Three major post secondary educational institutes are located within 30 minutes of Central Saanich and produce a mass amount of highly qualified persons every year! Central Saanich is a very modern, growing community, and encourages economic and industrial growth that suits the community.

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Central Saanich's Culture and Significant Events

Centreal Saanich often takes part in events surrounding the city. These events are open to visitors and community members of all ages! Some of these events include; The Whiskey festival, Victoria annual flower count, Chocolate Fest, Highland Games, Mothers day Paint-in, Bastion Square Festival of the Arts, Sunfest, as well as Folkfest and many more to enjoy!

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Sports in Central Saanich, British Columbia

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Media of Central Saanich

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