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CentralSaanichDirect.info online business opportunity in Central Saanich, British Columbia

Internet Business Opportunity in Central Saanich, BC

Be a Central Saanich leader in the sale of local online marketing

CentralSaanichDirect.info makes the internet work better for Central Saanich businesses and for Central Saanich consumers while creating a very exciting business opportunity in the process.

CentralSaanichDirect.info provides a one-of-a-kind online business opportunity in Central Saanich

Do you want to...

  • Be your own boss?
  • Stop commuting?
  • Spend more time with those you love?

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National to Local Advertisng Ratios

Consumers Go Online for Central Saanich Business Information

Less walking fingers; more clicking mice

More and more, consumers in Central Saanich are clicking their way though Central Saanich directory information rather than letting their fingers do the walking as they use to.

More than ever, Central Saanich residents have been turning to the Web to find the local information they need. Around 70% of consumers researched products and services online last year. In addition, a majority will then purchase the product or service locally. (Forrester Research - 2005)

Where Central Saanich consumers go, Central Saanich advertisers are quick to follow.

The dramatic increase seen in internet advertising has created one of the best sales opportunities in recent history. Don't let this sales opportunity in Central Saanich pass you by - availability is limited per locality.

Marketers are witnessing an exodus of ad spending from traditional forms of media to more targeted advertising methods found online. There are an estimated 25 million small- to medium-sized businesses ("SMBs") in North American spending collectively $100 billion on local advertising.(Kelsey Group - 2006)

The CentralSaanichDirect.info business opportunity puts you right in the middle of this massive growth wave.

Online Local Marketing: A Massive Marketplace and Rapidly Growing.

Underserved market = untapped potential

A market in need = strong sales potential

While more than 75% of consumers regularly use the Internet - on average consumers now spend 30% of their media time online - local advertisers spent just 2.1% of their ad budgets there in 2004. (Borrell Associates Inc. - 2005)

Unlock your financial freedom!

National to Local Ad Spending Ratio is out of balance [online]. Of the $256 billion spent on all advertising in 2004, the split was roughly 50-50. Of the $11.9 billion in online advertising, the split was 77-23. (See Figure 1.) (Borrell Associates Inc. - 2005)

The growth is starting. Get in on the ground floor with this local internet business opportunity.

Sell for yourself. Build your own marketing sales business right here in Central Saanich

As advertising dollars move online from traditional outlets, online advertising has been growing at over 30% year over year - caused as the split between local and national online advertising moves towards parity with the local to national split in overall advertising. In fact, the scurry by local businesses to use the Internet is driving local online advertising through the roof. Locally spent ad dollars on the net hit $3.9 billion in 2005, or 44% above last year's $2.7 billion. (Borrell Associates Inc. - 2005)

CentralSaanichDirect.info is positioned to profit from this explosive growth.

US Online Advertising Spending, 2002-2011

Get Involved. Capture the Online Market for Central Saanich with the CentralSaanichDirect.info Business Opportunity

Contact us about CentralSaanichDirect.info franchises

With the CentralSaanichDirect.info business opportunity you will be in the right place at the right time and with the right approach.

CentralSaanichDirect.info brings Central Saanich buyers and Central Saanich sellers together.

Introducing CentralSaanichDirect.info, a CityDirect.info CitySite that is quickly becoming the best local and topic-specific content provider in the Central Saanich market. CentralSaanichDirect.info provides residents of Central Saanich the information they need to make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money.

CentralSaanichDirect.info provides a "real" web presence to small- and medium-sized businesses and organizations.

CityDirect.info's key value-add to publishing local CitySites, is to give a real web presence to the millions of small- and medium-sized local businesses which are currently lost in the shuffle. CentralSaanichDirect.info helps your clients get found right at the moment the consumers are actively looking for them.

CentralSaanichDirect.info exists to serve Central Saanich

The CitySites in the CityDirect Network, such as CentralSaanichDirect.info, exist to serve the communities they support, thereby fostering a sense of connection and loyalty that large disconnected brands are unable to achieve.

The CentralSaanichDirect.info business opportunity allows you to profit from the web by helping Central Saanich businesses.

The CentralSaanichDirect.info franchise opportunity allows you to earn monthly recurring revenue by offering paid placement advertising and a search engine optimized web presence to Central Saanich businesses. Why is this important? Because there are more than 25 million small and medium size businesses in the U.S., and Canada - and two-thirds of these businesses are confused about online marketing.

Central Saanich Businesses Desperately Need What CentralSaanichDirect.info Offers.

The CentralSaanichDirect.info business opportunity will put you immediately in the position to sell effective and well priced solutions to this need.

Sell quality local exposure that is accountable

Most small- and medium-sized organizations still do not know how to effectively get in front of their online audience. Yet, every single day, more of their local customers are adopting the Web as their preferred method of locating products and services in Central Saanich.

Imagine selling connectivity that strengthens community

As the franchisee of CentralSaanichDirect.info, you solve this problem by providing businesses with advertising placements and demonstrating how CentralSaanichDirect.info Business Members and Community Members can interact with each other and generate their own content.

Your sales in Central Saanich, as the CentralSaanichDirect.info franchisee, will provide much needed solutions to local online marketing

Before CentralSaanichDirect.info, organizations in Central Saanich faced a lack of simple methods to manage their online information. Most business owners find that they do not have the time to figure out complicated pay-per-click advertising models and tracking systems. Through CityDirect.info's Centrepointe content management system (CMS) CentralSaanichDirect.info Business Members can quickly and easily control all of their online information within CentralSaanichDirect.info. As the franchisee of CentralSaanichDirect.info you will offer this powerful tool that supports its return on investment (ROI) with easy to understand statistics.

A Business and Business Opportunity where Everyone Wins.

For Central Saanich businesses, for the CentralSaanichDirect.info visitors, and for the CentralSaanichDirect.info franchisee, it just makes sense.

Effective marketing. Top quality information. An unmatched sales opportunity.

Central Saanich organizations get found online by their target audience, Central Saanich residents and visitors easily find what they're looking for, and you make money by helping everyone!

Take the next step and find out more about this It's a win-win-win business opportunity.

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For more information please call us at 1 (866) 445-9004 and choose option 3